You'll Love It Naturally!

You'll Love it Naturally! Mountain Sage Soaps was born from my own need for soaps and lotions that contain no chemicals or artificial fragrances. I have to avoid both whenever possible due  to asthma and allegies. Plain and simple was what I needed. There are many products  out there but very few with added essential oils and the ones that did contain essential oils came with expensive multi-level marketing schemes that I didn't have time for or want to be involved in. It made sense for me to incorporate my love of essential oils into soaps  and lotions that didn't make me sneeze,break out or itchy all the time. I started creating goat's milk soaps and  right away I knew  it was the right move for me. The goat's milk soaps smelled so good and didn't give me a sick headache. The lather was so creamy and left a nice protective layer on my skin as if I had put lotion on. For a couple of months I gave away soaps to family and friends and the feedback made me smile.(alot!) I love what I do and I enjoy hearing from people who feel better using my products. You don' have to be  allergic to benefit from my products. You also don't have to settle for chemical laden soaps and lotions either.  I have kept things as  simple and as safe as possible and therefore don't offer a large variety of fragrances or lotion types. I am working on new things as time allows and would love to hear from you.